Spoken Intelligence/S.P.I.T: The SIS crew brings literary arts to life with provocative and perceptive insight on todays and yesterdays Poets, Authors, Screen Writers and Play Writes, with a mix of interviews from eclectic guest SIS is a show for todays literary student. This semester the SIS crew will conduct a series of shows titled “Beyond the Scope,”  tackling Race, Religion, Gender and The Environment. This form will be used to educate and info the listener and the above for mentioned topics. Special guest on each feature.

Host: Pablo Gomez, Hisako Rogers and Anna Illes.

Our World As We See It: This weekly one hour talk show focuses on world issues locally and nationally. Our moderators and panel offer in-depth insight on topics that range from politics to homelessness. Our World invites the experts to weigh in on the conversation. This is real raw talk coming the youthful voice of America giving you their thoughts, views and opinions on how they see it.     

Host Ben Schecter, Nicholas Merrell, Emma Miller, Adrian Altaffer, Abram Blitz, Isabella Mercurio and Maya Simon.

Make That Change: A half hour talk show designed to offer the listener options and ways to change be it socially, environmentally or mentally our host and guest will problem solve giving basic advice on how to make a difference at school, home and the community. The title of the show Make That Change says it all. 

Host: Najaye Buford and Syire Brown Vaillancourt aka Hermeros 

OSA Re-Loaded: Dedicated to OSA’s alumni, Re-loaded is a half hour interview based talk show that allows former OSA students an opportunity to come back and share their experiences everything from college to career on Re-loaded we leave no stone unturned

Host: Alum Jeremy Posey   

Welcome to the Jungle: One hour Music show features classic rock and roll Kiss, AC/DC, Huey Lewis and the News, Nirvana and many more great artist.  Our host will take you on a musical journey with interesting facts and funny banter. 

Host: Nicholas Merrell and Adrian Altaffer

That’s So Fetched: A hour show of 80’s & 90’s retro music. Fetched is all about 80’s/90’s clichés and fun, the party starts here.  You’ll hear Duran, Duran, Madonna, Tears for Fears, Bel, Biv Devo, Back Street Boys and more. Its sheer fun.

Host: Emma Miller and Maya Simon

Artist Spotlight: This a scripted one some times two hour musical artist tribute. We tell the back story wrap around hit music from the featured artist. 

Host: Various