Welcome To KOSA!


KOSA Radio is the brainchild of 20 year Television and Radio veteran Delores Thompson.  Founded in July 2015,  KOSA was designed to be a teaching tool as well as give a voice to Oakland School for the Arts students.  Ms. Thompson developed programming with each emphasis in mind allowing students the opportunity to not only be radio personalities but learn every aspect of programming including Programming, Producing, Music scheduling,  Scriptwriting, Audio editing and Voice over.



KOSA Radio’s vision surrounds the idea of uplifting voices, by having 40% of the music you hear from our station be original songs and covers from students all across Oakland, using our station as a way to network, working with outside and OSA organizations to build a community for all of us to uplift our voices in the way we want.


What’s going on at KOSA Radio?

Here is an audio overview and video of the magic we make here at KOSA…

K O S A …….Where Minds, Words, Music and Rhymes Meet!