Meet the Staff!!

Meet the Staff!!



A Bay Area native and radio 20 year veteran, “Yo Girl” Delores began performing with the City of Oakland’s Parks & Recreation department at an early age. Shortly after high school landed a coveted position with Oakland’s very own Soul Beat entertainment television where she dominated programming and entertainment reporting. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Delores continued her career at various LA radio station’s before beginning a 15-year long stint at Stevie Wonder’s 102.3 KJLH-FM, where she was featured in “who’s who in Black LA” magazine and was dubbed “Southern California’s #1 Lady in the Mid-Day.” Delores returned to the Bay Area, where the mother, minister, motivational speaker and Executive Director of her own non-profit “Sista Girl Network,” piloted the inaugural broadcast online radio station KOSA Radio at the Oakland School for the Arts, where she has been blessed to start a broadcast department, she also volunteers her decades-long expertise at Oakland’s Youth Radio. When asked to give a description of the station Ms. Thompson replied  “Our 24hr programming is a mix of music and talk, the demographic is geared 12+.   The station’s slogan says it all. Where Minds, Words, Music & Rhymes Meet.

Consultant | Jonah Rottenberg                                                                                                  Program Director | Nicolas Perry                                                                                            Assistant PD | Olivia Kark


Music Department

Music Director | Eliana Halperin

Assistant Music Director | Fritz Bowers
Team member (Pop) Lillian Hedlund
Team member (Rap)  Benjamin Metting VanRinj                                                                    Team member (Alt) Josephine Thompson




Promotions/Social Media Department

Promotion Director | Nilyn Ellison                                                                                                Jack Wittmayer
Luna Chung-Scott
J’mai Kirkdoll
Emilio Mena



Staff Writers                                                                                                       

Melvin Hicks
Aleksi Puhakka

Leila Khan
Xander Vazquze


On-Air Talent

Sir Ronald Hamlet                                                                                                                                Nyla Haulcy




Mr. Smith has been working in Information Technology since 1987. David joined OSA in its first year. He is excited to be working with the OSA community to design an effective, reliable, and innovative technology infrastructure that supports OSA in all areas. He holds a B.A from Earlham College.