Make That Change 

Host: Ben Rotenberg, Shawn Keys, Erik Lafferty and  Danirose Fernandez-Apodaca

Make That Change: Created to present effective solutions for today’s most challenging situations and circumstances, in our schools, and communities.   

Host Ben Schecter, Nicholas Merrell, Emma Miller, Adrian Altaffer, Abram Blitz, Isabella Mercurio and Maya Simon.

Teen Talk

Host: Dakota Dry,  Maxim Culbeaux, N’nja Johnson, Annasara Mehouelley, Destiny Perkins, Ricky Watters 

 This half-hour talk show designed to offer the listener an open dialog on hot topics teens face, at home, school and navigating through social media. 

Relatable You

Host: (Group 1) Rachel Aquilina, Joseph Colon, Anna Illes, and Ben Metting

Host: (Group 2) Mia Hoskins, Max Culbeaux, Nick Petty, and Zamyla Williams

Host: Himeros Zan Lipinski, and Kristopher Lucy,

Feeling socially awkward? Does it seem like you are “The Only One Who,?” Feeling some type of way About? Let our panel walk you through various stages of teen life, social skills, social media, homework, home life and being socially productive 

Artist Spotlight

Host: Various Students

We’ll take you on a musical journey, giving you backstory ton your favorite artist wraparound around music. This show features artist from all genres. 

Host: Various 

Special Features

Celebrating You- Various Students

Healthy is Beautiful – Hirmeros

In The Key Of Life – Shawn Keys

Our Psyc – Erik Lafferty