2019 Special Programming


Welcome to the KOSA Radio 2019 Season, UPLIFTING VOICES: PART 1! The biggest one yet with original pieces to cultural celebrations are we going to be exhibiting those that need to be heard! Each show is something truly unique, not only are we bringing you the best, were doing it in a whole different style. KOSA Radio is embedded in our slogan, where minds, words, music and rhymes meet but in our 2019 special programming we would sum that all with the place where dreamers come to uplift. Dreamers of the minds of like our new and approved Resident Producer, Simon Signh Bhuller Riordan. Dreamers of the words of each and every broadcaster, Dreamers of the music from each and every teen we play on our station. Dreamers of the rhymes that we use to uplift voices! This season were bringing the art, the voices and the dreamers to you so don’t miss out on the fun, from us to you, enjoy UPLIFTING VOICES PART 1!

Leon Jones | Program Director                                                                                                              Dr. Delores Thompson | General Manager


KOSA Radio has instituted a new way we programmed our shows! All shows that are in ALL CAPS are main block shows. Meaning they will have 2 hour or more worth of content and air more than 5 times. Shows that are in lowercase are feature block shows. Meaning they will have 1 hour worth of content and air 4 or less times!


UNIDAD EN LA DIVISION: A Latinx Heritage Celebration

Oct 3rd & 4th (6pm-10pm) | Oct 5 (2pm-10pm)

In association with LATINOS UNIDOS (OSA Student of Color Club)


REMINISCENCE: An Indigenous People’s Day Celebration

Oct 11th (6pm-10pm) | Oct 12th & 14th (2pm-10pm)

Produced by Kayley Pollard (Senior, Musical Theatre)


Veterans: Veteran’s Day Celebration

November 11th (2pm-4pm | 6pm-8pm)


Acclamation’s: A Thanksgiving Day Celebration

November 28th (2pm-4pm | 6pm-8pm)


CHEER!: A Winter Holiday Celebration

Dec 12th & 13th (6pm-10pm) | Dec 14th (2pm-10pm)

Featuring Sub-pathway Audio, Production & Engineering 


THE GOLDEN YEAR: A New Year Extravaganza

December 31st – January 1st (2020) (12:00pm-12:00pm)

Our 24 hour block show…the biggest show of the year!